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28 September 2010 @ 03:11 pm
House 7x2: Selfish Review  

Okay, so overall this episode wasn't 100% horrible. It was still bad, but definitely a slight step up from the season opener. There were some definite funny bits and it was a pretty emotional thing too.

This review will probably be mostly my initial tweet-reactions with some expansion. Also, this will probably not be QUITE as ranty and/or detailed as the last one. Just sayin'...

"This is not me walking out the door."
lmfao Ohhh, Wilson. You're h-i-larious.

Did anyone else notice that in the scene with Cuddy and House in Wilson's office that:
(a) House made a comment about wanting to arouse Wilson? muwahaha LOVED THAT
(b) Can I just say, Wilson, you are so bad at concealing your gaylove for House. Seriously. No straight man stares that long as another man's crotch without going "OMG STOP!" and re-affirming his straightness. Srsly. XD

I can't remember what it was in that scene in Wilson's office, but last night I tweeted something to the effect of "Why is Cuddy being weird around Wilson?" and I dunno what it was that made me say that but I definitely felt some weirdness there. haha

The scene with HR was mildly entertaining.
"We both want to follow hospital procedure to the letter."
Does she forget who she's dealing with? House doesn't follow anything to the letter!

Wilson couldn't be more right in saying that everything changes when you're sleeping with someone. Especially when that someone is YOUR BOSS!

Happy House seriously bothers the fuck out of me. I'm sorry. He was meant to be a misanthrope.

Love the fact that he continues to go to Wilson to talk things out. I think as this abomination of a relationship progresses we will have more and more scenes like that. Possibly scenes with Cuddy going to him for advice on how best to deal with House as well since, ya know, he knows him best, right? ;) That makes me a little sad for Wilson though because inevitably before the fall, he will be the monkey in the middle. *sigh*

Foreman = Huddy cheerleader & Taub = on our side saying "DIE HUDDY DIE!"
It's awesome. I love it how they're making the characters act out the 'ship wars. ahaha. But you know. Taub is right with that lil speech he made over House's happiness ruining everything. It's already proven considering how pussywhipped he was in this episode. Ugh. FUCK THAT.

Lots of people are making comments about the Thirteen disappearance and why House doesn't seem to care. Is everyone forgetting that he probably knows where she went? She couldn't legally lie to him why she needed the time off, could she? Not that House would do anything about it if she was lying to him, but still.... He almost HAS to know where she really is, right?

Random Stuff

"I think you straightened out my limp a little." bahahaha!

"I studied under Dr. Seuss."
I loved that line. Awesome.

The scene between Chase and Taub. The look on Chase's face when Taub asked if he was seeing 4 women. Highly amused by that.

Last but certainly not least, 3 of my top tweets made during the episode:

Will this bad fic come to life ever end?!
It's sad when cannon isn't cannon anymore.
I didn't realize watching this relationship would be such TORTURE!
cuddyclothescuddyclothes on September 28th, 2010 11:05 pm (UTC)
I was busy last night or my latest alter-ego, Leo, would have been tweeting his gay brains out. I watched the episode this AM and reviewed it. The ratings dropped from last season for the opener, and they've dropped from last week.
Kayla: Etch-A-SketchEndaccentsarehot on September 29th, 2010 12:10 am (UTC)
I'll have to go check yours out.

That is seriously depressing. They better pick it up or this show is gonna tank. :(
Hey Little Sister Shotgun: [house] fuhq glovesisterxshotgun on October 3rd, 2010 01:50 am (UTC)
SO seriously, have House and Cuddy broken up yet? Cause I'm not watching the show again until it's back to normal.
Kayla: HousePodPeopleBrainaccentsarehot on October 3rd, 2010 02:10 am (UTC)
Ugh. No. There was this one almost epic argument in front of the patient's parents (yeah, totally ethical and following the regulations to the letter, Cuddy) but they "resolved it" by saying "we just have to be brutally honest with each other". It's KILLING the show. Ratings have gone down so much. It's pathetic. *sigh*