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20 September 2010 @ 09:21 pm
House Season 7 Season Opener Review  
I wrote everything you see here as I watched the episode and tweaked it/added things as I went over it all afterward. Here are my thoughts/reactions throughout the episode:

"It's okay, I love you." *kisses leg*
LAMESAUCE! And the weirdass music during the sex scene? What's up with that? And while we're on the subject, sex right after a building nearly collapsed on you, yeah, that's normal.

"It's 10AM, I'd be worried if he WAS here."
LOL Taub! Very true!

"Couldn't you just put the mirror down nice and gentle?
I was in a mood."

Cuddy, come on! You know that doesn't even sound like House!

"Right now we are more important than what's going on at the hospital."
Yeah, okay, I don't know who this guy is or what he did with the real House--OMG I FIGURED IT OUT! House was captured by the pod people!!!!

I want a bath as magical as the one he described......but NOT the one he actually created. I'm pretty sure that was Listerine he just dumped in there!

"Your magical bath is burning my lady parts."
Why did you trust him to draw your bath? I mean, REALLY!

Oh snap! Look at Cuddy's assistant being all knowledgeable and shit! lmfao

Opening the champagne bottle with a sword? LOL! Totally makes me think of my husband! Richard would totally try to do that and fail XD

Haha the phone convo with Wilson? Priceless. BEEEEEEEP!

Oh come on, House, you know better! Wilson isn't going away/giving up because you ignore him!

---------COMMERCIAL BREAK!---------

So we're 20mins in and I can ALREADY tell at least the first part of this season is going to bother the hell outta me. "We're not changing anything, they're still the characters you've always known." BULLSHIT! The....the.....FEEL between House and Cuddy has already changed so drastically that I wanna stab my eyes out with a fork! *flails* It's so....so....so couple-y! Already?! WHAT! NO! UGGGHHHH!!!!!!
Note: This is a total legit not fangirl fueled (At leat not completely) rant. This shit bothers the fuck outta me!

---------BACK TO THE SHOW!---------

"What can we do that doesn't involve talking?"
Ew. Cutesie House? No, thanks... *gag*

bahaha Thirteen's got mad reasoning skillz!

"You were thinking about Wilson while we were having sex? That's so cool! I was too!"
MUWAHAHA! I know it was just a joke but AHAHA I LOVE IT! :D Couldn't have made the fangirl in me any happier in that moment. ♥

LOL at sending the sex tape to Wilson. Even more reason to fangirl. XD

OMG I DIED watching Wilson break in. ahahaha! He's gotta make sure his man is okay ;)

THAT BITCH! She hid in the fucking closet! So much for wanting to be "out in the open", huh? And she was just complaining about how he was hiding her from Wilson. WTF! MAKE UP YOUR MIND, WHORE! *headdesk*

"I Lobe you" in scrabble blocks? UGH. GAG ME! Seriously. This Cutesey shit is NOT HOUSE! STOP IT! >_<

....Wait.....what? They're ending it within the first episode? No.... I can't be that lucky.... ....hmmm... Suddenly this is feeling more like House, though. That little tangent he went on about how it won't work and why? Ah.... he knows! HE KNOWS!!!!

..........Oh, shit, he doesn't know! NOOOO!!!! House! Get it together! Where are those super awesome powers of observation and reasoning and just KNOWING SHIT when it's about your OWN LIFE?! UGGHHHH! So frustratinggggg!

"I don't want you to change." // "I know you're screwed up. And you're always gonna be screwed up."
Yeah, bullshit. We'll see how well that plays out later in the season. I'm sorry, but I've said it before and I'll say it again, NO WOMAN could put up with a man like House (as long as he's actaully being HOUSE!) in a real relationship! To deal with that arrogant sonuvabitch at work AND at home takes a LOT of fucking tolerance *coughWilsoncough* and/or means you are JUST as much of an arrogant BITCH. So Yeah. Sorry, but as much as they like to attempt to portray her as such, Cuddy is just not bitch enough to deal with House. Not on a personal level. Hell, she can barely even deal with him when it was strictly professional! From what I've seen (remember my limitations up until now being random re-runs haha) Stacy was muuucchhhh different and actaully seemed like she knew how to handle/deal with House. Cuddy is totally gonna fall apart at the seams when she realizes she can't change him. Because inevitably, I think that's what she's hoping, that being with her will change him. She's one of those women. Ugh. Gag me. Seriously.

Bahahahahaha did you guys SEE the look on House's face when he said "I love you" to Cuddy?! I swear. It actually pained him to say the words! Because, duh, those words are not meant for some middle-aged-adoptive-mother-boss-lady, and are reserved for The Boy Wonder Oncologist, of course! I seriously died a little inside, there.

This Huddy relationship will ineviitably implode and I kinda sorta can't WAIT to watch it all fall apart. Ha! Seriously, and that's not JUST the fangirl in me talkin', either, you guys! I really can't see this lasting and I'm gonna laugh when it breaks because *dances* I called it, bitches! ahaha But I mean, really. How can these two seriously think it will work? Well, obviously, House doesn't really think it will--which automatically means things are gonna go downhill, because you can't have a real, invested relationship with someone when their heart isn't in it.

So the question is, how are they gonna play it out when it DOES fall apart? I mean, Cuddy's gonna feel like a superuber bitch for ditching Lucas like that right? I mean, damn. Left him out to dry for something she could have done a long time ago--because remember, this is just a game and to see if they can work or not. So if it doesn't, what's her plan? To go back to Lucas? I think he's not gonna be too keen on that idea, somehow. Hmmmm.

Oh well. This has already given me plenty of ideas to toy with in fics, even though there was hardly any Hilson action whatsoever in this ep.

Other things worth mentioning:

He's naked. In bed. Using Wilson's credit card.

Uhmmmmm, so yeah, I kinda knew they were hinting at it and stuff butttt.....Chase/Thirteen?! Kinda creepin' me out, to be honest. I really really really don't like this idea. >_>
Note: Who can fill me in on wtf happened to Cameron? I need help. haha.

And wtf Thirteen?! Where did you go? And why did you lie? COME BACK! << Literally my reaction. Like I was yelling at the tv lmfao.

Does Amber Tamblyn (sp?) come in next episode? I hope so. I think she'll be interesting, to say the least. Snarkfest 101 with House would be awesome. Do you guys think that's how it'll be?

God, I hope they don't ruin this show. *cries*

Comments on the overall season preview:

"I just don't want work to affect our relationship. Or the other way around."
How does she think that's not gonna change things? Ugh. People who think everything can stay the same when you make a drastic change are just stupid.

"Everything's changed....you're sleeping together now."
DUH! Wilson and his Captain Obvious statements. lmfao

"Whatever happened to keeping our professional and personal lives separate?"
Not possible, duh, Cuddy. When did you get so dense? Or have I just always been so entertained by the petty childlike arguments between her and House I missed the stupid sign? *shrug*

This is screwing me up. Why is it not screwing you up?
It Is.


How many more times do I have to say it?! This relationship is doomed from the start!

So yeah. Overall this was like a really shitty opener, but what else can you expect with rot-my-teeth-sweet House? It's SO FUCKING WRONG YOU GUYS! UGH! Like this episode was totally disappointing, honestly. There was hardly any medical aspects to it, which was depressing (although the scenes with the neurosurgeon made me giggle a little), and all this stupid couple-y attitude just BAM! We had sex and now we are married and comfortable. What?! I don't think so. And btw, so much for keeping to the characters we know and love. Seriously.... The how/why this won't work spiel is about the only House-like thing out of the whole damn ep! They better step it up a notch and give everyone their personalities back or they're gonna lose a lot of viewers because people do not have personality lobotomies in a matter of minutes/hours. >_<

Also, to any/all house_wilson members that may see this and are reading my fic Hidden In Plain Sight, I haven't forgotten it. I've just been busy with school. :X I'm writing on it in small bits and pieces whenever I can. Next chapter should be up soon-ish. I'm hoping no later than the end of the week, but hopefully before that! <3 Although I am reminded at why I suck so much with chapter-fics :\ But I refuse to let this one fade into the blackness. I will finish it! >:O That's my determined face. lmfao.
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cuddyclothes: Still Not Boringcuddyclothes on September 22nd, 2010 02:03 am (UTC)
This is wonderful, full of angry ranting tasty goodness.

I'm so glad someone else thinks that House has been taken over by his sensitive, loving, introverted evil twin.
Kayla: HousePodPeopleBrainaccentsarehot on September 22nd, 2010 02:30 am (UTC)
Thought you might get some entertainment out of this. :)

Oh god. Yes! The Pod People totally need to stop playin' and just give us our old sarcastic House back!
cuddyclothes: House Wilson Youngcuddyclothes on September 22nd, 2010 02:37 am (UTC)
C'mon, pod people, this isn't funny any more. Let House go! Don't MAKE me come in there!